Activity Book I Contents Unit 1 Hello! 2 Unit 2 My school 8 Unit 3 My toys 14 Unit 4 On the /arm 21 Unit 5 My body 27 Unit 6 My clothes 33 Unit 7 I like picnics! 40 Unit 8 Ran andjamp! 46 Unit q In the kitchen 52 Unit 10 Let’s have a party! 59 MACMILLAN Jeanne perretfe. and Jill Lejhton

Circle number 1. 1 1 2 3 1 12 Trace and write.

Find and colour the correct item. Circle the pictures of words starting with b.

Complete the pictures and say the letter sounds. Trace the letters.

(ЦЬ Colour 2 crayons. | 1 Match.
UnitQ My toys Match. Complete the pictures. Match the toys with the details.
Draw lines through the maze to find Jack and Lily's toys. Trace the lines on the toy box for pre-writing practice.

Find and colour the container which is best for each toy. Point to the toys and say, e.g. 'It's a big teddy.'

Match. Ее Gg Dd Ff Bb
On the Fqrm Match the animals and the body parts. Point and say, e.g. 'What's this? It's a cow.'

Draw lines through the maze to find the babies for each animal. Trace the writing lines on the basket.

Circle the picture which is different from the others. Draw a picture of your own face. • •

ее Draw and say. Colour. my left hand my riyht hand Draw around your own hands. If you can't draw both of your hands, get a friend to help you. Say, 'This is my left / right hand.' Colour your left hand red. Colour your right hand yellow.
5 Count and write. Colour 5 hands. Trace and write. Count and write the number for each group of body parts. Colour five of the six hands. Trace and write the letters.
UnitQ; Lesson 1 clothes Trace the lines on the bed and wardrobe for pre-writing practice. Match Jack and Lily to their clothes.
Choose and colour. ДЬ Say. Choose the shoes and socks you like. Colour them in your favourite colours. Point and say, e.g. 'I want red shoes, please
Trace the letters. Find and colour the pictures of words starting with n, then o, then p.
Lesson 4 Complete and say. Then trace. Complete the pictures and say the letter sounds. Trace the letters.
(г Colour 6 coots. Trace and write.
( Match. Then say. Match each item to the place it belongs. Say, e.g. 'Cow - farm.' Circle the correct starting letter for each word.
Unit Lesson i I like picnics* Colour. Complete the drawings. Match the food with the details. Colour the food you like.
Draw a smiley face by the food you like and a sad face by the food you don't like. Point and say, e.g. 'I like bread. 11 don't like tomatoes Trace the lines on the table for pre-writing practice.
Trace. Find and colour the ‘q’, ‘r’ and ‘s’ pictures.

Find and draw. Draw 7 apples.
Lesson 6 f > I 1 1 Find and colour the 7 eggs. о cPo°o° 0 0 0Oq Count and write the number for each group. Find and colour the seven eggs. Trace and write the letters.

8 Trace the letters at the start of the words. Tick the activities you can do and cross the activities you can't do.

Colour red or blue. Q Say. Trace. Colour the animals: red if they can fly and blue if they can jump. Point and say, 'Butterfly - I can fly'. Trace the lines on the banner for pre-writing practice.
| Trace and write. Count the children. Draw more balls so that each child has a ball. Trace and write the letters.
(jnitQ Lesson 1 г in the kitchen (Цг Colour and say. Find, count and circle. Colour the bowls, cups, knives and forks. Say the words. Find and count the items in the main picture, then circle the correct number for each one.
bowl table Find and circle. Say. cup fork cat Trace the letters. Find and circle the differences between pictures A and B. Say, 'The spoon is in the bowl. The fork is in the bowl.'

Complete and say. Then trace. Complete the pictures and say the letter sounds. Trace the letters.
Choose and circle Choose and circle the fillings you would like in your sandwich. Draw your sandwich. Say, e.g. 'I like banana in my sandwich.'
Match. 8 q 9 Match the numbers and items. Colour nine of the ten cups. Trace and write the letters.
Match each item to the place where it belongs. Match the capital letters with the lower-case letters.

Say the sounds. Trace the letters. Say the words. Write the letters.
Say the sounds. Trace the letters. Say the words. Write the letters.
Complete. (^2 10 7 4^ 7 3 5 6 8 q Write your name. ^Aa Bb Cc Dd Ее Ff Gg Hh II' Jj Kk LI Mm Nn. Oo Pp Qq _ ^Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yg Zz^ I have complete^ Activity Boot ± ____________ __________ - ( Find and colour the 10 balloons. Complete the number sequence using the numbers supplied. Children write their own name.
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